Welcome to the Taco Fly Co Blog…wtf

What the hell are we doing? We hardly know. All we know is we f#*king love fly fishing. Taco Fly Co. wants share that love with our friends and the people who have a similar love for this way of life.
We also believe we need to keep fly fishing fun so we decided to create a brand and website that promotes it.

The Taco Fly Co. Blog will highlight details of our trips, fishing reports, angler profiles, product reviews, swag release info, funny bullshit, serious bullshit, display videos, and also feature guest writers/photographers/musicians/artists as well.

While other brands cash in on the allure of having the best, being the best, and going to the best places, we just want to make you smile. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind having the best rod money can buy, or getting a free trip to Belize, it just seems unattainable as a normal person who struggles to put enough in the bank account to fill the gas tank.

There is a shift in the fly fishing industry and we want to be a part of it. Can’t say we’re going to do it right or if we won’t piss some people off along the way, but we’ll be greasy and crunchy when we get there.

Thanks for your support.


Maybe we should have taken a marketing class.