This is America Alaska Taco Tour 2018

I was going to write this big article about this trip because it was BIG. Everything was BIG. The fish, the experiences, the scenery, the beer drinking, the rivers…although, I figured I would rather let the pictures speak for themselves. I will be writing about how I might suggest you hit Alaska with a DIY mindset in the near future. That article will come soon…maybe when the fishing slows down.

I definitely have to give a shout out to a few people though.


My brother from another mother. I really can’t express my gratitude to my new life long homie Brandon Stickle. Brandon is a young lad from Arizona who decided to follow his love for fly fishing and moved to Seward, AK.  Bad. Ass. We met via Instagram, and he decided to take a week off of work to join me on my trip. It’s like the perfect love story. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have had the trip I had. Thanks for putting up with my stench, and my swollen face for 8 days. Can’t wait to fish again and tell Moose I say what’s up. ‘The Pit’ por vida. “I’m so dope like yeah (woo)”


Dance machine who is from Arizona, living the Alaskan dream without a fly rod. Artisan and filmer extraordinaire. Also one of the only other Mexicans I hung out with in Alaska. Dude, thank you for sharing your skills with us to capture that amazing footage. And super thanks for the Cilantro, Cauliflower, Aardvark sauce, and onions for our veggie tacos. Maybe see you in Oregon and we gone hit da club.


A Cali-Boy who has been guiding in Alaska during the summers for many years now. I met Josh fishing on the tufa at Pyramid Lake last year. We kept in touch via The Gram and we were able to sync back up in Alaska. Dude, thank you. You helped me get into the fish of a lifetime. Your love for fishing is also unsurpassed by most. It’s awesome to see. Stoked to meet up with you at the Big Salty again this year.


True Alaskan local fisherman who guides through Kenai River Recon. I liked your approach at forming the alliance that day on the river. Instead of trying to hole-hop each other all day, you decided to unify with The Taco. Who would have thought you would have loved The Taco so much! Also, thanks for the help on landing all of those epic steelhead. Really looking forward to fishing with you again and thank you so much for taking us out on the Predator. Insane experience and I promise I did not hit the throttle when you got pitched off the boat! I wish it was me who went in man! Ha! I probably would have sunk though…till next time dude.


Another Arizonian gone AK. Dude, that hike was nuts. We made it out alive and that’s all that matters. I am glad nothing came out of that bear den. That moose was insane. Putting our lives on the line to fish out there was worth it. I mean, Brandon’s hand cannon would have saved us though. I’ll text you when I come up with a better Instagram handle but so far I am thinking, “Motha Fuggin Ron the Don Juan”.

Stay tuned for our DIY article and enjoy the photos below.