Fishing Report – Trinity River & Lower Sacramento River, Late November

FUN! That’s the report. It was fun. K bye. Time for tacos and alka seltzer…..

The views. Not all about the fish…but those are bonus.

Jk! I was lucky enough to book a bunch a trips in one week to chase some steelies and wild bows with great clients and friends. We got em’ on the Trin and the Lower Sac. Also did some fun fishing in between. The weather was perfect, maybe too perfect for the steelies, but man, Cali sure is amazing. 50 degrees on the Trin, 75 degrees over the hill on the lower sac.

The Trin is low and clear, the fish are spooky. As I type this though, there is a storm banging up there. We’ll see what it does to the water, hopefully moves some fish around…and hopefully gets those tribs dribbling. Right now we got to scrape for em’, but if we can find a lone ranger or a pod in a good feeding lane, and if I can put the boat in a great spot, and if you can cast at em’ without banging the water….you might get one! They’re in…they’re always in actually… You might get one shot a day, maybe 2, maybe 3-4…but ya gotta make it count. Plenty of half pounders but we’re looking for the bullets! Hopefully I can help with that. Seeing a lot of tanks around…should be a good season.

We were able to get 3 people into their first steelhead this week! For Dawn, it was her first steelhead and first fish on a fly rod. And she landed two adults in one day and went 4 for 4 on bites. Wow. Amazing. I am honored to have been a part of that. I love this shit.

The lower sac, BOATS!!!! LOTS OF THEM!!! Holy shit. I counted 30 boats on Sunday. Even with the drift boat hatch going on, we found some fish and they were big and bad ass. Also started some new techniques, well not new, but when every boat is throwing a bobber….you have to switch it up. 😉 What a place…and holy smokes, the big ones are up top right now. Peter and Chris have been wrecking the Lower Sac, it’s just about you saying, “Get me the f$&k on the water.” Then holler at us, and we’ll help you out.

Fall fishing is great right now, hit us up for a float on either the Trin or the Lower Sac. LET’S GO! OH! And if you have any complaints about this report, please submit your complaints to our customer service team by calling them at 911-911-9111. THANKS!