Well it’s not really episode 1. We made this video after we started Taco Fly Co. but it was a continuation of the Trinity Stuper-Flies episodes.

In this video we show you how to make Special Beers. I learned how to make Special Beers when I was a teenager. We definitely don’t condone underage drinking. It’s actually really dumb…but that’s when I learned it. So do you want me to lie to you? NO! I won’t lie. Maybe about spots but that’s it. Anyways, my brother’s really good friend taught me a rendition of this recipe. I just built on it as I grew older.

Seems Special Beers go hand in hand with our marketing…it wasn’t on purpose but it’s basically a taco beer.

We hope you like the video apologize for not counting correctly. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! DAY! MONTH! OR YEAR!