Alamanor Hex Hatch, 2018

The Hex hatch at Almanor. One of California’s natural wonders. A site to see whether if you’re a fly fisherman or not.

If you’re a fisherperson, it’s not easy to figure out with out a little guidance from the locals and some research on the web. Big fish, big bugs, big tugs, and beauty all around. Best part about the hatch is that the entire lake comes alive. You never know what you’ll hook into.

After failing to figure out the bite last year, I may have finally unlocked a few patterns and techniques for success. Phew, it feels good. I can hardly wait for next year.

Thanks Chris for the input. Couldn’t have done it without you! For those that haven’t made it Almanor for the Hex Hatch, GET UP HERE! You won’t regret it.