2022…oh what a year.

To blog or not to blog. To get more screentime or to not get more screentime…these damn screens. Taco Fly Co. has been a fun ride as of late. This blog was installed to be a blog. I haven’t opened it in over a year. I think that we make these things to help with the company and provide yet another way into the taco truck (my melted brain). It’s been a while since I’ve written, and oh I love it. I want to write more. I am getting older and need to keep my brain sharp. These damn screens. But what to share on the Taco Blog…hmm how about a mental check on all things that should be written about.

Fishing Report:

Fishing has been fun. End report.

Well there you have it. Short and sweet! But if I saw you at a bar and you said, “Hey Mario, how’s the fishing been man?” My subconscious would think, “Damn I wish I was fishing.” And my present self would reply, “It’s been epic. Lower Sac was fun before my trips sort of ended. The opener was rad but things slowed down a bit for me. Not too bad, but the fishing was fire in the evenings. Like really-really fire. BWO hatches when I last guided and caddis hatches when the opener occurred. I need to get more trips lined up in August. Maybe I should hire a marketing team to help me market to more people in the bay area. That’d be rad. But yeah, I haven’t been in a bit. Actually, I just got back from some rivers in South Oregon. I can’t say them aloud because if there is another fly fisherman in here, I might get into a fight because they’re secret.” Then I’d wait for a laugh because that would have been my attempt to make you laugh. Hopefully you’d laugh. If you didn’t, my anxiety would kick in and I’d order another beer. But if you did laugh, I’d go on and say, “Just kidding man. We hit the Williamson and the Wood. Super rad trip. I was with my lady and I met my homie Sean and his lady up there. It was super fun and I can’t wait to go back. Other than that not much fishing. I am headed out to San Diego though to visit family and hit some blue fin tuna up on a trip! Then straight to Montana. Then I come home for three days and then I am off to Alaska to host the AK Taco Tour. We have 7 people each week coming out for three weeks. Going to be a lot of work but should be a blast.” Then I’d realize I am talking too much and stop myself. I’d take a drink of my beer and immediately ask, “Going fishing any time soon?”

How would you reply?